Python Institute – FAQs


To schedule an exam, please go to, sign in to your Pearson VUE web account, and follow the simple registration process described in this tutorial (PDF).

For help with creating your Pearson VUE web account, please consult this tutorial (PDF).

If you're looking to take the exam via OnVUE Online Proctoring from Pearson VUE, please read the Pearson VUE Guide to Taking Your Exam Online to ensure that you follow all the technical requirements, and familiarize yourself with the testing policies.


  1. Read the PCEP Testing Policies and TestNow specifications to make sure you follow the code of conduct, meet all the technical requirements, and know what to expect during your exam session.
  2. Create a Test Candidate account if you haven't already done so. (Download a PDF Tutorial)
  3. Go to the OpenEDG Voucher Store and buy an exam voucher. You can choose between a single-shot voucher, voucher with retake, and voucher + practice test bundle.
  4. Log in to your test candidate account, enter the voucher code, perform a diagnostics check, check in, and launch your exam session. (Download a PDF Tutorial)


2022 Limited availability – the exam is available as part of the OpenEDG Education Partner pilot program (small market trial). Not available to individual test candidates.

Pearson VUE/OnVUE:

Sign in to your Pearson VUE web account. Click the exam name just under the scheduled date. You will be forwarded to the Exam Appointment Details screen. Click Reschedule or Cancel to change the date of your exam or cancel your exam respectively.

Please remember that you can only reschedule or cancel your exam at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. After this time you cannot make changes to your appointment and your exam fee cannot be refunded or reimbursed.


Non-proctored exams such as PCEP-30-02 are available on a "test now" basis, and don't require any prior booking or scheduling.

PCEP (TestNow™):

You can only retake a failed exam after 7 days from your last attempt (waiting period).

  • If you purchased a voucher with a free retake option and failed your exam – wait 7 days, sign in to your OpenEDG Web Profile (Test Candidate account), go to the Exam History section, and click the Get Free Retake button that will become activated next to your exam session status information. Your exam voucher will automatically be assigned to your account and will become available in the Certify section.
  • If you purchased a single-shot voucher and failed your exam, you need to purchase a new voucher to take the exam again. You can launch a new exam session after 7 days from your last attempt.

PCAP & PCPP1 (Pearson VUE/OnVUE):

You can only retake a failed exam after 15 days from your last attempt (waiting period).

  • If you purchased a voucher with the retake option, please submit the Pearson VUE Retake Voucher Request Form within 90 days of the failed exam. You will be issued a new voucher for your retake.
  • If you purchased a single-shot voucher and failed the exam, you need to purchase a new voucher to take the exam again. You can book a new exam after 15 days of your last attempt.

No, sorry. We cannot issue a refund once you have taken the exam. If you have a discount voucher, please make sure you redeem it at the moment of exam registration to reduce the exam fee. You cannot use the voucher to get money back after you have taken the exam.

Congratulations! You've officially joined the Python Institute certified community, and earned an industry credential that validates your proficiency in Python, computer programming, and related technologies. Within 24 hours of your exam, you will receive an email with a link to your digital certification, verification code, and a badge issued by Credly's Acclaim. You can now share your awesome achievement with your peers, colleagues, and employers via LinkedIn and other social media channels.

What next? Keep on learning, keep on mastering your Python skills, and keep on climbing the certification ladder. Sign up for the more advanced courses and prepare yourself for the higher-level certifications to boost your career.

  1. Start by reviewing the topic areas covered by the exam you want to take – familiarize yourself with the exam syllabus (PCEP, PCAP, PCPP1).
  2. When you know the exam scope, its objectives, and the topic areas, choose a study option that works best for you. You can choose from among the official Python Institute study resources, Cisco Networking Academy and Cisco's SkillsForAll courses, our Resource Partners' study materials (e.g. The Open University or KodeKloud), and training courses delivered online and offline by our worldwide network of OpenEDG Education Partners.
  3. Use official Python Institute practice tests (PCEP, PCAP) to get a better idea of the exam format, test your exam readiness, and gain more confidence in your skills and knowledge.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the testing policies and make sure that you follow all the technical requirements and the Code of Honor. Schedule and take your exam online from home, or another comfortable location, or in person at a time and location convenient for you. (TestNow™, OnVUE Online Proctoring, Pearson VUE Testing Centers) Become Python Institute certified!

Here are some of the most frequently occuring voucher issues we've observed:

  • The voucher has expired. (The exam must be taken before the voucher expiry date.)
  • Voucher codes are alphanumeric sequences – please make sure there's no typo in the voucher code you're entering in the Redeem Voucher field. Pay special attention to characters that look similar, such as the letter "O" (oh) and the digit zero, or the upper-case letter "I" and the lower-case letter "l".
  • Please ensure that you're entering the voucher code, and not the invoice or order number.
  • PCEP/TestNow™ – It's possible that you are entering your exam voucher in the wrong field. Please make sure that you are assigning your exam voucher in the Certify tab, not the Practice tab (switch your account role to Test Candidate, not Learner). If you can see the error message "The voucher has already been used or expired", please check your voucher's validity (you can find this information in the email you received from our store) and make sure that you haven't already assigned this voucher to your account or used it.
  • PCAP/TestNow™ – If you can see the error message "This voucher code can be used to schedule an exam at Pearson VUE", this means that you need to use your exam voucher to schedule and take the exam through Pearson VUE, not TestNow™.
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The courses are sponsored by the OpenEDG Python Institute – a project venture run and managed by the Open Education and Development Group (OpenEDG), with the aim to enhance, develop and support professional careers in Python programming and related technologies. The Python Institute offers the courseware to all institutions participating in the OpenEDG Education Partner and Cisco Networking Academy® programs for Instructor-Led Training and Self-Paced Training at no cost to the user. The courses are also offered free of charge to schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, and educational entities, as well as to individual learners.

We recommend using the most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome (preferred).

The courseware can be accessed online through an Internet browser, on computers with Linux, Windows, or Mac OS, without the need to install anything on the local machine. Learners can use a dedicated, interactive on-line programming environment (Edube Interactive) that allows Python code to be run in an Internet browser. Edube Interactive is a tool integrated with the course, which can be used as a browser-based Python sandbox that allows learners to test the code discussed throughout the course, as well as an interpreter that enables them to launch, perform, and test lab exercises.

It is possible to have the Python 3 standard installation on your computer. A copy of Python 3 can be downloaded from The installation contains a software application called IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment), which will enable you to execute simple Python commands and see the more realistic effects of executing your programs.

Recommended equipment and technical requirements to use Edube Interactive:

  • a desktop computer or a laptop (recommended: a desktop computer with a mouse/pointing device and keyboard)
  • minimum RAM: 1 GB or more;
  • minimum processor: 1.0 GHz or more;
  • the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera (preferred: Google Chrome)
  • JavaScript enabled in your browser (mandatory requirement)
  • a fast and stable Internet connection (recommended Internet download speed: 1.0 Mbps or higher; recommended Internet upload speed: 0.5 Mbps or higher)
  • a color monitor, minimum screen resolution: 640 by 480 pixels (recommended: 1024 by 768 pixels)
  • Windows 7/8/10 OS, MacOS X 10.0x or newer, Linux OS;
  • add the domains "*" and "*" to the allow list and ensure they are marked as trusted;
  • full access through ports 80 (http), 443 (https), and http redirects permitted.