OpenEDG Python Institute Strategic Partners

The OpenEDG Python Institute partners with organizations, associations, and research institutions to design, develop, and implement high-quality Python programming training and certification solutions in order to promote professional careers in Python programming and related technologies, and support the activity of Python communities.

The OpenEDG Python Institute forms strategic partnerships with schools, organizations, companies, and institutions that share common values and educational goals. Strategic partnerships focus on creating joint value and mutual success, and are established to fulfil the missions of the Python Institute and its partners, to adapt to a changing technological environment, to develop new solutions to both current and future needs, and to ensure the long-term success of the Python programming language.

By working together, through close collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the OpenEDG Python Institute and its strategic partners gain a better understanding of technological trends and markets, and the needs of such markets both now and in the future. Armed with this knowledge, and with each strategic partner bringing its own specialization to the partnership, we are able to react quickly and efficiently to the requirements of the technological marketplace and deliver to it the highest-quality educational goods and services.