OpenEDG Publishing Partners

OpenEDG works with individuals, publishing platforms, educational institutions, companies, and training organizations involved in the process of design, development, and publication of training materials and study resources aligned with the OpenEDG Python Institute exams.

OpenEDG promotes third-party quality publishing projects developed and managed by the entities participating in the partnership program, and provides OpenEDG Python Institute accreditation and website listing to organizations who meet publishing industry standards and comply with the OpenEDG resource-development and publishing requirements.

OpenEDG Accredited Publishing Partners

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KodeKloud helps you build a successful career through some of the best courses available. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned specialist, KodeKloud courses and hands-on labs will give you the tools and confidence to excel at your new programming job.

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The Open University is a global leader in higher education able to reach every adult in the United Kingdom - and many others across the world.

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My Distance Training is an Edudevelopment company engaged in delivering high-quality video courses online to both the individual participant and the business sector.