Why get certified by OpenEDG Python Institute

Whether you are a student, IT professional, or an employer – the OpenEDG Python Institute certification will add value to your personal branding, existing achievements, and a portfolio of programming projects.

Boost your knowledge base, improve work-related performance, and increase your professional trust with the Python Institute's General-Purpose Programming path certifications such as PCEP™, PCAP™, and PCPP™, as well as with the specialization tracks in Python for Testing (PCAT™) and Python for Data Analysis (PCAD™).

And you can easily see that we don't mince words.

Certification benefits

The value of certification

According to the Value of Certification Statement 2020 by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, certification holders take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Recognition by peers and respect of colleagues
  • Improved opportunities for employability and advancement
  • Greater confidence in their professional competence
  • Increased professional trust from employers or the public
  • Increased autonomy in the workplace
  • Better compensation and career longevity

In the same document, the Institute enumerates the following benefits for employers:

  • Qualified individuals for employment or advancement
  • Recertification requirements for continued or enhanced competence
  • Commitment to public safety and/or consumer protection
  • Reduced risk of errors, accidents and/or legal liability
  • Reduced employee turnover and increased job satisfaction
  • Justification for potential compensation differential

For students

The world of Python is large and difficult to navigate. Sign up for the Python Essentials 1 course where the information and knowledge has been carefully selected for you so that you can advance from scratch at the fastest possible pace.

Get hands-on skills and useful knowledge that you may struggle to find elsewhere, become PCEP™ certified to validate your expertise, and show your teachers, instructors, and potential employers that you are serious about your education and career.

According to the 2018-2019 Florida CAPE Academy Performance Report, industry certification enhances academic performance, resulting in an increased grade point average (GPA) and much higher graduation rates among high school students.

Certification improves academic performance

Regardless of where you stand, Python Institute's certification shows that you're committed to continuous development and it equips you with a skills toolset and qualifications that you can add to your resume to stand out to hiring managers. If you're looking to get your foot in the door with Python and land a junior-level job in software development, PCEP™ certification will enhance your professional profile and set you apart from your competitors and other job-seekers.

For professionals

There are many reasons for professionals, even the most established ones, to become certified by the Python Institute. The IT industry is, and always has been, in a state of rapid change. What is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow. Python is a constantly evolving language, and it's important to be up to date on the latest developments at all times.

PCAP™ and PCPP1™ certifications allow you to demonstrate that not only are you up to date, but that you can competently deal with Python-related issues. Python Institute's certification enables you to keep your skills up to date, and to show others that your skills are up to date.

Furthermore, with the Python Institute, you gain access to a large network of Python professionals, a valuable resource for solving programming challenges, and for developing innovative solutions.

Certification benefits for Employees

PCAT™ and PCAD™ certifications are a great way to demonstrate your expertise in a more specific and specialized field. They show your employers that you are serious about your work, and employers recognize this. They are more likely to promote a certified employee over an uncertified one, as well as offer them more interesting projects, and more challenging, prestigious roles within the organization.

Certification plays a vital role in the process of hiring, and is often perceived as a great tool for selection and screening purposes. IT executives and IT managers attach a significant importance to your certification portfolio, which helps to put your resume on the top of the pile and increase your chances of getting the job you want. According to the 2021 Value of IT Certification Report by Pearson VUE, as many as 66% of hiring managers said that candidates who hold any IT certification are more likely to be selected for job interviews. Having a certificate makes your position on the labor market much stronger. Whenever your resume suggests that you have certain skills, or that you know programming languages, you will most certainly need to prove it. But even if you are given a chance to do this during an interview, you will still need to get invited to it first.

For employers

Information technology is becoming more complex and sophisticated by the day. Your employees need to be up to date and competent in many areas, from data analysis, to software development, to database security, or server maintenance. The OpenEDG Python Institute's certifications validate that they are. They also prove that your employees are committed to your company, and to their own career development.

Certified professionals bring huge value to an organization, and more and more companies are noticing this and are willing to support training as well as certification courses and exams for their employees in order to help them boost their career growth and take a measurable advantage of the skills they gain. Certification ensures that employees have the knowledge and skills to work fast and at high levels. Faster, high-quality workers translates into lower operational costs, thus saving money for the company.

Company's ROI per certified employee

Python Institute's certification not only provides a recognized benchmark of skills and knowledge which can be well incorporated into a company skills framework, but it also ensures that teams working on various IT projects are trained to consistent and expected levels of the desired skills.

Studies and analyses show that certification benefits companies in such a way that those individuals who are certified demonstrate higher productivity and better perform their work to the desired standards.

Furthermore, it helps minimize downtime – after all, certified specialists have the proper skills to handle issues and solve many complex problems the moment they arise. All this significantly reduces the costs a company has to bear and, at the same time, results in greater customer satisfaction and a better brand image. (source: Global Knowledge 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report)

Certification benefits for Employers

Moreover, certification brings efficiency and accuracy to a company. Certified professionals earn more for an organization and add to its good reputation. So a company that invests in its workers’ development will always be ahead of those that do not.

It is, therefore, in the best interests of a company and its HR managers to help their workers pursue certification programs, as certified employees directly translate into streamlined production processes and best practices in an organization.