OpenEDG Publishing Partner Program

The OpenEDG Publishing Partner Program is a membership program offered to individuals, publishing platforms, educational institutions, companies, and training organizations that are involved in the process of design, development, and publication of training materials and study resources aligned with the OpenEDG Python Institute exams. The program aims to promote quality publishing projects developed and managed by the entities participating in the program, and provide OpenEDG Python Institute accreditation, website listing, and a partner program branding package to them.

Becoming an OpenEDG Publishing Partner will help you and your organization to boost your brand visibility, extend your curriculum offerings to reach a larger audience of students and test-takers, and increase your revenue opportunities.

Membership of the OpenEDG Education Program is offered free of charge to non-commercial authors and non-profit organizations. Commercial publishers and training companies pay an annual membership fee.


  • no annual or membership fee for non-commercial authors and non-profit organizations
  • access to OpenEDG marketing resources
  • use of the OpenEDG, Python Institute, and Publishing Partner logos
  • recommendation of your study materials to the network of OpenEDG Education Partners
  • discounts on OpenEDG Python Institute exams and practice tests
  • certificate of partnership
  • website listing
  • official accreditation of your study resources and the option to use OpenEDG and Python Institute logos on your training materials
  • distribution of top-quality study resources via the OpenEDG Store.

How to apply

Individual authors, publishing platforms, and companies interested in becoming an OpenEDG Publishing Partner are invited to send their program-related queries to, and submit an application form. The OpenEDG Python Institute also welcomes all educational entities interested in receiving assistance in planning, developing, implementing and delivering an effective Python programming curriculum or in transferring credit for Python programming classes for those students who hold certifications issued by the Python Institute.

OpenEDG Accredited Publishing Partners