Here you can learn more about the people who run the Python Institute – the Board of Directors. They help the organization achieve its mission of promoting the Python programming language, training a new generation of Python programmers, and supporting professional careers in programming in Python.

Through their work and dedication, the non-profit Python Institute has become an important resource for all those wishing to improve their skills and knowledge of the Python programming language and related technologies.


Maciek "Magic" Wichary

Co-Founder, VP, CEO

Christopher Boguslawski

Co-Founder, President

Grzegorz "Greg" Czuchaj

Co-Founder, VP, COO/CPO

William McNeice

Chief Content & Quality Officer

Sebastian Paczkowski

CTO, Chief Architect & Software Officer

Monika Zarosa

Chief Financial Officer

Konrad Papka

Chief Creative Officer

Lidia Dykier

Head of Customer Success

Roobed (Roo) Trejo

Chief Business Development Officer

Martyna Majewska

Head of Sales for EMEA/APAC