Here you can learn more about the people who run the Python Institute – the Board of Directors. They help the organization achieve its mission of promoting the Python programming language, training a new generation of Python programmers, and supporting professional careers in programming in Python.

Through their work and dedication, the non-profit Python Institute has become an important resource for all those wishing to improve their skills and knowledge of the Python programming language and related technologies.

Christopher Boguslawski, PhD
Co-Founder, President, and CTO

Chris is co-founder of the Python Institute, CTO of OpenEDG, Python Institute, and the Foundation for IT Development.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of telecommunications, team management, large-scale project management, and programming in Python, C, C++, and Java. In addition, he is the co-founder of various education and certification systems in C, C++ and Python programming languages.

His main areas of interest include network management, traffic control in broadband data communication networks, Next Generation Networks (NGN), and telemedicine.

Chris has been involved in the implementation of telemedicine projects related to HIS, RIS, and PACS systems, and is currently developing and establishing a MEDEOS (Medical Expertise Ordering System) system.

He is the author of many scientific publications in the field of telecommunications and telemedicine.

Maciek (Magic) Wichary
Co-Founder, Vice President, and CEO

Mac is co-founder of the Python Institute, CEO of OpenEDG, Python Institute, and the Foundation for IT Development.

An advocate for education, Maciek is passionate about creating modern, efficient learning programs, and he uses his knowledge and skills to develop cutting-edge educational technology to be employed both in-person and online. Most recently, his innovative ideas have been implemented in the internationally acclaimed Python learning system, now available to anybody in the world, for free.

Since 2001, Maciek has been engaged in developing some of the biggest education initiatives around the world, including Cisco Networking Academy and the Edube Interactive CMS.

He now sits as a participating member of Cisco's Networking Academy Advisory Board.

Irene Bulanda
Chief Financial Officer

Irene is Chief Financial Officer of OpenEDG Python Institute and Chief Financial Officer of the Foundation for IT Development.

She oversees all financial activities, budgeting, funds disbursement, and policy implementation processes.

Her main areas of interest include risk management, financial process improvement, and financial strategy development.

Grzegorz (Greg) Czuchaj
VP, Product & Operations, Co-Founder

Greg is co-founder of the Python Institute, Chief Product, Operations & Development Officer of OpenEDG and the Python Institute, and a Consultant at the Foundation for IT Development.

He is the author of various programming exams, study resources, and curricula; co-designer and chief strategist of Edube Interactive, CMS, LMS, and Testing Service Systems.

Greg is an education product designer, Python enthusiast, and educator who believes that teaching programming and digital skills should be an essential part of every modern educational system.

Roobed (Roo) Trejo
Chief Business Development Officer

Roo is the Chief Business Development Officer at OpenEDG.

He works closely with education foundations, school districts, colleges, universities and IT Organizations across the Americas in order to ensure the success of students in their professional careers, by promoting and helping learners achieve recognized IT Credentials.

In addition to establishing and maintaining partnerships between OpenEDG and educational institutions and business enterprises, Roo is responsible for content localization processes, carrying out and supervising translations and quality reviews as necessary.

Martyna Majewska
Chief Sales Officer

Martyna is Chief Sales Officer of OpenEDG, and Chief Revenue Officer of the Foundation for IT Development.

She oversees the entire revenue organization, and makes sure the sales teams achieve the target growth and meet sales revenue targets.

A talent first strategist and driver of operational excellence, Martyna is a seasoned sales team leader with strong analytical and business development skills.

Will McNeice
Chief Content & Quality Officer

Will is Head of Content and Quality at OpenEDG. He coordinates a team of language and subject matter experts to create courses and exams to help people achieve their learning goals.

He is responsible for ensuring that all content is of the highest quality, using methods such as psychometry, beta testing, and peer review.

Will is very passionate about the open source concept, including open source programming and knowledge sharing. He is a regular contributor to Wikipedia.

Sebastian Paczkowski
Chief Architect & Software Officer

Sebastian is Head of Software Development at OpenEDG, and Head of Software Development and QA at the Foundation for the IT Development.

Sebastian is co-designer and one of the main architects of the Edube Interactive, CMS, LMS, and test delivery systems. He is the creator of the Edube Interactive Python Online Programming environment.

Sebastian is a talented and hard-working engineer, a tech enthusiast and open source advocate.

Konrad Papka
Chief Creative Officer

Konrad is Head of Design and Creativity at OpenEDG.

He is responsible for the communication and visual development of the organization sectors related to marketing and content design.

Konrad's passion is visual arts, graphic design, and branding. He is a strong advocate for open source and public domain.

Slawek Wernikowski
Head of Curriculum & Assessment

Slawek is Head of Curriculum and Assessment at OpenEDG. He oversees the planning, design, development, and implementation processes related to teaching curricula and assessment procedures.

Slawek is the co-author of and main contributor to the highly acclaimed Python Essentials course series project.

Slawek is an academic, a great Python enthusiast, geek, open source evangelist, and advocate for educational technology in schools.

Lidia Dykier
Head of Customer Success

Lidia is Head of Customer Success at OpenEDG.

She is responsible for supporting students and test candidates, and building, maintaining, and optimizing relationships with customers, by helping them fulfill, their educational and business goals.

Lidia is a great fan of Australia, horror books, and vegan food.