PCED™ – Certified Entry-Level Data Analyst with Python

(Exam PCED-30-0x)

The PCED certification validates comprehensive knowledge and skills in foundational data analytics, specifically tailored around Python. This certification assures proficiency in the entire spectrum of data handling from acquisition, pre-processing, validation, and preparation, through to analysis, modeling, and visualization.

PCED – Certified Entry-Level Data Analyst with Python certification demonstrates an individual’s abilities to efficiently gather, clean, and validate data using Python. It emphasizes practical, hands-on skills in Python for data acquisition, data cleaning, and standardization techniques as well as foundational programming and database management skills. Candidates are also tested on their ability to apply statistical analysis and machine learning basics in Python, making them ready to tackle real-world data challenges.

The curriculum covers essential Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and visualization tools like Matplotlib and Seaborn, ensuring candidates can handle complex data sets, perform statistical analysis, and create impactful data visualizations. The certification provides a pathway to becoming proficient in Python, setting a robust foundation for further development in data science and analytics careers.

Earning the PCED certification indicates a solid grasp of data collection methodologies, ethical considerations in data handling, and the practical application of data in decision-making. It equips candidates with the skills to design and execute simple SQL queries, apply Python for data processing, and leverage statistical methods to derive insights from data.

This certification is a stepping stone towards more advanced data analysis qualifications, such as PCAD™, and sets the stage for further professional growth and expertise in the dynamic field of data science.

Become PCED™ certified and set your foundation in data analytics

By achieving the PCED certification, you establish a solid foundation in Python for data analytics, gaining a competitive edge in today's data-driven landscape. Python’s role as a critical tool in the data analytics and science sectors underscores the value of this certification for anyone looking to begin or enhance a career in these fields.

PCED certification is especially relevant for:

  • Beginners in data analytics who are eager to learn the full spectrum of data handling;
  • Aspiring data professionals who want to solidify their knowledge in Python and related data analysis tools;
  • Existing data professionals seeking to reinforce and expand their understanding of Python and data analytics;
  • Professionals in other fields aiming to transition into data-centric roles in their current industry;
  • Managers and leaders who need to leverage data insights for strategic decision-making.

Python continues to dominate the data science world, with an overwhelming 86% of data scientists reporting it as their primary language for current projects, and an additional 10% using it as a secondary language. (The JetBrains Blog) This widespread adoption is reflected in its integral role in various applications from web development to machine learning and beyond, cementing Python's reputation as a versatile and preferred tool for data-driven tasks.

The skills most in demand for data analysts include Python and SQL, highlighting the importance of these tools in managing and analyzing large data sets. Companies across various sectors are seeking professionals who can navigate complex data environments to drive decision-making and strategic business initiatives.

This strong preference for Python is also reflected in the competitive salaries offered in the field. Python data analysts and scientists can expect to earn between $50,000 (junior positions) and $130,000+ (senior positions) annually in the United States, depending on their experience, location, industry, and specific role within the field. (sources: Glassdoor, Payscale, and SalaryExpert.com) As businesses increasingly adopt data-driven strategies, the demand for proficient Python professionals is on the rise, creating a vibrant job market and presenting lucrative opportunities for those equipped with the right skills.

Python's dominance in data analytics not only underscores the value of mastering this language but also the broad spectrum of opportunities it opens up for data scientists and analysts in today’s digital economy.

PCED™ Exam Information

Exam name PCED – Certified Entry-Level Data Analyst with Python
Exam Code & Current Exam Versions PCED-30-01
Pre-requisites Formal: None
Experience: PCEP & PCAP (or equivalent) + field-specific skills
Validity Lifetime
Exam Duration Exam: 50 minutes + NDA/Tutorial: 5 minutes
Number of Questions 45
Format Single- and multiple-select questions
Passing Score 75%
Languages English

USD 59 (Exam)
USD 76.70 (Exam + Retake)

Delivery Channel OpenEDG Testing Service (TestNow™)
Testing Policies PCED Testing Policies
Exam Syllabus PCED Exam Syllabus
Associated Certifications PCAD – Certified Associate Data Analyst with Python (coming Q2 2024)
Courses Aligned TBA