Digital badging

Learning, employment, and advancement opportunities are intertwined, but a career path rarely follows a straight line. We want to recognize your learning achievements and skills in a way that connects you with opportunities that can serve as milestones along your career path. That's why we issue digital credentials through Credly's Acclaim platform.

PCEP Badge
PCAP Badge
PCPP1 Badge
PCPP2 Badge

Digital credentials go beyond paper certificates. They are portable, verifiable, and uniquely linked to you. They also ensure that your hard-earned achievements are owned by you, not us – you can access and utilize your digital credential whenever, however you see fit. Digital credentials make you – and your achievements – more visible to employers and your professional network.

Share your achievements with your network

Your skills, competencies, and certifications are worth more than a static bullet point on a resume or a paper certificate hanging on the wall in your office. When represented as a digital credential, you can share your achievements with your network in one click from Credly's Acclaim platform. Peers and employers can verify and learn more about what it is you can do thanks to earning a digital credential from OpenEDG Python Institute. And research shows that professionals who share their digital credentials to professional networking sites are discovered by employers, on average, six times more often than those who do not.

Find your next career opportunity

You've invested time and money into advancing your skills, and your OpenEDG Python Institute digital credential can unlock career opportunities for you. Credly's labor market insights help you:

  • discover new skills that complement what you already know;
  • connect with the next certification along your career path;
  • search and apply for your next job opportunity.

What does it take to earn a badge?

When you pass one of our exams (PCEP™, PCAP™, PCPP1™, PCPP2™, PCAT™, or PCAD™), you will qualify for an OpenEDG Python Institute badge! You will then receive an email from Credly Acclaim, which includes instructions on how you can redeem your badge and pin it to your Acclaim account. You can share your badge via Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter, or embedded it in your website.

Here's what the process looks like:

  1. Pass an OpenEDG Python Institute exam and meet all the pre-requisites (e.g. you must hold both PCAP™ and PCPP1™ certifications for your PCPP1™ badge to be issued).
  2. Receive an email from Credly Acclaim inviting you to claim your badge.
  3. Sign in to your Acclaim account (or create it on the Credly Acclaim site if you don't have one yet).
  4. Accept your badge.
  5. Start sharing your badge through social and professional media to let others know what you have achieved!