Buy the Python Essentials 1 course in book format!

This course is now available in book form, both paperback and electronic ePub.

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Study offline

Learn without a computer or an internet connection. You can take the book anywhere you go and never have to worry about being online.

Annotate your book

Highlight and underline text, or make your own notes in the margins.

Learn while free from distractions

The internet is great, but it’s also a great distraction. When you pick up the Python Essentials book, you are free to concentrate on just one task: learning.

Reduce your screen time

We all spend too much time looking at screens. With the paper book, or even with a dedicated e-reader, you can save your eyesight and continue to learn Python programming.

Improve your comprehension and knowledge retention

The physical act of flipping through the pages helps your brain make connections that are missing when you click from one window to another on your computer screen. When you are learning, you don’t just read a book from cover to cover, but you skip back and forth using your fingers as bookmarks, and all of this tactile action helps you remember where in the book you learned something, which in turn helps you remember it better.

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Have the book forever!

Python Essentials 1 will be just the first step in a long career as a Python programmer. Make Python Essentials 1 a part of your permanent book collection, so that you can look back in years to come and track your progress and your success.

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