Accommodation of disabilities

Python Institute will endeavor to accommodate any special requirements. Candidates must submit their accommodations requests to Python Institute who will then notify them about the decision, and inform Pearson VUE upon approval (PCAP/PCPP exams).

All special conditions must be approved before the exam appointment.

Accommodations may include:

  • 25% time extension (PCEP, PCAP, PCPP1),
  • 50% time extension (PCEP, PCAP, PCPP1),
  • 100% time extension (PCEP, PCAP, PCPP1),
  • adjustable font (PCEP, PCAP, PCPP1),
  • adjustable contrast (PCEP, PCAP, PCPP1),
  • other (PCEP).

No language-based time extension is given to candidates who reside in a country where the first language is not English, or candidates whose first language is other than English.

Reasonable Accommodation Request Form