OpenEDG Academy Program (OAP)

OpenEDG Academy Program (OAP) is a free, educational program offered to schools, universities, educational establishments, non-governmental organizations, and training companies. The program has been designed to help students acquire the skills and qualifications necessary to pursue successful and well-paid careers in computer programming, IT, and related areas.

The program for Python education comprises the following two membership components:

  • OpenEDG Python Institute Academy – free Python programming study resources (available after becoming a Cisco Networking Academy), a welcome pack (instructor-use vouchers, academy badge and certification, marketing resources), additional teaching aids, access to Academy Account (available in the future)
  • OpenEDG Testing Service Partner – deliver OpenEDG proctored entry-level and specialist exams in your own local OpenEDG Testing Center, offer exam vouchers to your students at special prices.

OpenEDG Python Institute Academy and Cisco Networking Academy

We believe that a good teacher and a motivated class are the best prerequisites for learning. If you are a teacher working in a school or university, you are welcome to use our study resources available as part of the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum.

Cisco Networking Academy is an IT skills and career building program that develops the entry-level talent needed to power the digital economy. Cisco partners with learning institutions worldwide to deliver technical training and problem-solving experiences to individuals studying networking, security, and IoT technologies. If you are interested in your institution becoming a Cisco Networking Academy, you can submit your application here.

Our mission is to support aspiring programmers and the Python programming language community. Cisco Networking Academies can use our study resources free of charge and offer our courses to students in the form of instructor-led and self-study courses. The students who successfully complete our PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python course through the Cisco Networking Academy program are eligible for a 51% discount on the PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming certification available in partnership with Pearson VUE.

OpenEDG Testing Service Partner (2019 Pilot)

Becoming an OpenEDG Testing Service Partner enables you to deliver OpenEDG proctored entry-level and specialist exams in your institution. OpenEDG provides a flexible testing system that will let you schedule, proctor and manage OpenEDG exams in your school or company, engaging members of your staff – your school instructors or designated company representatives will be able to manage the entire test delivery process.