I want to learn Python in my native language

An important part of our mission is to promote the Python programming language and teach essential Python skills to everyone and anyone who wants to use Python in their private and working lives.

That’s why we also want to make our Python courses accessible to all the students who don’t speak English, or don’t feel comfortable enough with it as a tool used to study programming.

What languages are Python courses available in?

Currently, you can learn Python in English, Spanish, and Polish. We’re now working on the Russian and Turkish versions of our study resources. All the available language versions can be accessed via the Cisco Networking Academy course enrollment page.

What can I do to support the localization of the course in my native language?

It’s easy.

  • You contact us via the Contact Form located on our website and let us know!
  • You can support the translation by enrolling on the course versions that we’re monitoring for the purposes of prospective localizations.

We’re now monitoring the students’ interest in the German and Japanese versions of the Python Essentials – Part 1 and Python Essentials – Part 2 course versions.

If you want to support the German course version, enroll on this course: Python Essentials – Part 1 and Part 2 (GERMAN).