Learn Python from scratch

Sign up for one of our Python programming courses to dive into programming and learn Python from scratch! Our courses will prepare you for jobs and careers connected with widely understood software development, which includes not only creating the code itself as a junior developer, but also computer systems design and software testing.

Completing our courses can be a stepping-stone to learning any other programming language, and to explore technologies using Python as a foundation (e.g., Django). Our introductory courses are distinguished by their affordability, friendliness, and openness to the student. They all start from the absolute basics, guiding you step by step to complex problems, making you a responsible software creator able to take different challenges in many position in the IT industry.

Who should take our courses?

Students with little or no prior knowledge of programming:

  • students of secondary schools,
  • university students,
  • students of vocational schools,
  • or simply anyone interested in learning programming.

The only preliminary requirement is the ability to use a personal computer and very basic knowledge in mathematics.

Why should you take our courses?

To start programming in Python! Taking the introductory course gives you the opportunity to dive into computer programming with no specific prerequisites.

The main goal of the course is to guide you from a state of complete programming illiteracy to a level of programming knowledge which allows you to design, write, debug, and run programs encoded in the Python language, and to understand the basic concepts of software development technology. Are you ready to start changing the world?

The courses’ added value is to create and develop an ability to analyze common problems in an algorithmic sense, and to see them as an input for computer processing. Moreover, some basic network programming techniques are presented, opening the path to the world of the Internet-Of-Things.

Self-study or instructor-led? Choose the option that works best for you!


Sign up for Programming Essentials in Python - dive into computer programming and learn Python from scratch! Expand your IT skills and start your career as software developer, software engineer, and application developer.

Learn Python through the OpenEDG Education Platform (self-enroll/self-study option)

Sign up for the PCAP: Programming Fundamentals in Python (Part 1) course available through the OpenEDG Education Platform. Take the first in a 2-course series and learn the basic concepts of programming and software development. It's online and free of charge.

Learn Python through the Cisco Networking Academy (instructor-led option)

Sign up for the PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python course through the Cisco Networking Academy Program. Expand your IT skills to start your career as software developer, software engineer, and application developer.